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For Adults - The Way

The WayWhat is The Way?

The Way is a 12-week course aiming to present the basics of Orthodox Christian faith in an atmosphere of friendship, free exchange and trust, where no position is forbidden and no question treated as foolish or unworthy of attention.

What does it consist of?

Each week, following the fellowship meal after Divine Liturgy, a short (roughly 30-minute) video will be shown on different topics. The video will be followed by free discussion and questions and answers.

What are its key topics?

The titles of the twelve video talks are:

  1. The Search for Faith
  2. God the Holy Trinity: “The Lover of Mankind”
  3. Being Human: Fully Alive
  4. Why Did Jesus Come to Us?
  5. Salvation in Christ
  6. The Holy Spirit
  7. What on Earth is the Church? Isn’t God Enough?
  8. Living the Faith: (1) The Divine Liturgy – “A Pearl of Great Price”
  9. Living the Faith: (2) The Holy Mysteries
  10. Living the Faith: (3) The Bible, Prayer, and Fasting
  11. Living the Faith: (4) Christian Behaviour
  12. “Heaven on Earth”: Members of the Church and Citizens of Heaven

Who is it for?

The Way is geared towards Orthodox wanting to better understand their faith, other Christians seeking to know more about the Orthodox Christian faith, and by those of goodwill who have a curiosity as to what Christians believe. It is suitable for those of all ages and attainments, people with considerable Christian knowledge or very little. Please extend an invitation to anyone who may be interested in participating.